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A number of states require that abortion providers give information to patients that may be inaccurate or misleading. Demands that members of the Satanic Temple, or those who share our beliefs, be subjected against our will to anything but the best scientific understanding are a violation of our religious beliefs.

Thanks to rulings such as Hobby Lobby, we can take a stand against these practices.

To find out more about our campaign to assure women who share our deeply held beliefs receive accurate medical information, read about our latest campaign.

The Satanic Temple Crowdsources Effort to ‘Adopt-a-Highway’ in New York City

The Satanic Temple rolls out a campaign to adopt-a-highway in New York City through crowdsource funding site as documented by Spectacle Films, Inc.

adopt-a-highway-PRIn further efforts to increase public understanding and acceptance of Satanism, the Satanic Temple plans to enter the adopt-a-highway program in New York City where they will maintain voluntary beautification of a stretch of public highway for at least 2 years by way of litter cleanup and landscaping. Continue reading

“Hail Satan” in Austin Texas

Much has been written regarding a recent confrontation in Texas between activists on both sides of the abortion debate in which Rally in Tallahassee PRPro-Choice advocates chanted “Hail Satan” in response to a Pro-Life mob singing out Amazing Grace. While a good deal of commentary from both ends of the spectrum has thoughtlessly denigrated the “Hail Satan” faction, we feel that their message was both salient and clear: religious rationales used to justify certain views to some hold no currency whatsoever to scores of others. While neither the Old nor New Testaments have anything directly to say about the issue of abortion, interpretations of those texts, construed into a Pro-Life stance, mean nothing to those of us who do not contextualize our lives within the framework of those mythologies. Continue reading