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The Satanic Temple Veterans’ Monument


Help The Satanic Temple (TST), the world’s most eminent modern Satanic religious organization, erect a Satanic monument on public grounds. The monument’s placement in the Belle Plaine, MN ‘remembrance park’ has already been approved by city officials. “While classical depictions of Genesis-inspired Satanic imagery and Romantic Literature-inspired Luciferian art can be found scattered worldwide,” TST’s spokesperson, Lucien Greaves states, “this will be the first Satanic monument erected by Satanists on public property.”


Donate toward the cost of constructing, shipping, installing, and maintaining this monument, and be a part of this historic first.


The path was paved for this historic event when Belle Plaine displayed a distinctly Christian veterans’ memorial in their ‘remembrance park.’ In response to claims that Belle Plaine was preferencing one religion over others, the 2-foot steel cross was removed. Some residents protested the removal and urged the City to find a legal means to bring back the statue. The City responded by opening the park as a “limited public forum” where anyone, including Satanists, are welcome to donate monuments of their own.


“The Belle Plaine city council was professional at all times. They adopted a clear set of guidelines which they adhered to. There was no push-back,” Greaves explained, “unlike some other localities where public office holders have wasted public funds in losing lawsuits, trying to gain unconstitutional exclusive privilege for their own prefered religious viewpoint. Belle Plaine recognized the legitimacy of our request and followed the law as it applies to public forums.”


The Satanic veterans’ monument, a black steel cube adorned on each side with a golden inverted pentagram and adorned at the top with an empty soldier’s helmet, is expected to be installed on park grounds within the next couple of months. The helmet, according to the monument’s designer, Chris Andres, can act as a bowl wherein remembrances and messages to the fallen may be placed in their honor.
While the placement of a satanic monument on public property is obviously notable, TST does not want to overshadow the monument’s purpose of honoring veterans. “We appreciate having the opportunity to pay respect to soldiers and to demonstrate that the liberties they defended, and that many died for — freedom of conscious, speech, religion, and assembly — were not fought for in vain,” Greaves stated.


Donate to The Satanic Temple Veterans’ Monument

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The Satanic Temple’s Guidelines for Effective Protest


1. Protest is an act of free speech, and protesters must respect free speech


2. Have a clearly articulated position with tenable demands and a practical well-defined statement for what constitutes achieving your goals


3. Effective protest is founded on a legitimate theory of change that is exemplified by the structure of IF I do X, THEN Y will happen BECAUSE Z.


4. Protest must be based on a principle as opposed to identity politics. Everyone benefits from the pursuit of well-conceived principles


5. Stay focused on specific issues and do not adopt issues that you think are analogously related


6. Stand for issues and principles – do not reflexively support the entire agenda of parties, organizations, or individuals


7. Do not allow narratives to prevail over facts


8. Restrict your movement to people who believe in the principles of your movement


9. If your protest calls for the deprivation of rights and liberties of others, intimidates others,
harasses or threatens others, silences others, then you are an enemy of freedom no matter what the justification


10. Engaging in, promoting, inciting, and/or celebrating physical violence that deliberately targets civilians is never justifiable


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