New milestone: over 700,000 members!

New milestone: over 700,000 members!

The Satanic Temple’s rapid growth has been unabated since its founding. With over 700,000 registered members worldwide, we expect dramatic changes in how we are regarded. Greater numbers support our advocacy for religious pluralism in the public sector and ensure that our members have access to the same opportunities afforded to adherents of other religions. Even though US District Courts and the IRS recognize the Satanic Temple as a bona fide religion, many politicians and judges still try to dismiss us because we are a minority religion.

Should religious rights and access to resources depend on the number of religion's adherents? Of course not. But with over 700,000 registered members, our numbers match those of other well-known minority religions–higher than the total worldwide number of Rastafari, for example, and just under the number of Unitarian Universalists, according to estimates by Pew Research Center. Perhaps cynical politicians will think twice before dismissing our religion and the rights of our members out of hand. Read the full Press Release

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