These are archived campaigns by The Satanic Temple:

Pink Mass in Mississippi

The Satanic Temple visited Meridian Mississippi to perform a ritual ceremony known only to a select few called the “Pink Mass.” The ceremony was performed over the gravesite of the mother Fred Phelps, former head of the Westboro Baptist Church — an organization deemed a hate-group by the ADL and SPLC.

Black Mass at Harvard Church

The Satanic Temple was invited to perform a Black Mass ceremony in Memorial Hall at Harvard University. The controversy over this invitation sparked an international debate where religious bigots dismissed the validity of satanic rituals and ceremonies.

Greece Town Hall

The recent Supreme Court decision in Town of Greece v. Galloway affirmed the right to open town board meetings with a prayer offered by members of the clergy.

Rally for Governor Rick Scott

The Satanic Temple offered to perform same-sex weddings in the state of Michigan with the intention of having the union recognized under the First Amendment’s protection of religious freedom. The temple hopes their efforts will prompt definitive reform on the state’s anti-gay marriage stance.


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