Burke and Hare Co. Candles for The Satanic Temple

Burke & Hare Co. Candles for The Satanic Temple

Burke & Hare Co was established in 2011 by owner/designer Erica in Milwaukee, WI with the goal of creating specialty items of a darker aesthetic without compromising a refined and more mature taste. Heavily influenced by a penchant for the dark and dreary along with music of the sort, we strive to find beauty in superstitions, natural magic and the history of the occult. 
Having always utilized candles as decorative items both for their light and for their presence, it seemed rare to find scents and imagery specific to these interests. Motivated by the desire to possess beautiful and macabre items -- the Pillars and a Scented line that we would love in our own homes was created. 
Now moved to Providence, RI the shop is growing with even more influences from classic ghost stories and New England folklore as well as the appreciation for our own history as girls who have always loved graveyards and black cats.

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