Ave Satanas Ritual Oil handmade by The Pentacle Path

The Ave Satanas Ritual Oil handmade by Shiva Honey of The Pentacle Path. exclusively for The Satanic Temple.

Use this oil in celebration of the flesh. Let us delight in carnal pursuits and liberate ourselves from arbitrary authority. Let us greet every day with a sense of adventure and purpose. Let us honor our true nature and inherent beauty'

Description: With a base of wet earth and worn leather and hints of a long burning fire and patchouli, Ave Satanas evokes midnight revelry under a cool moon.
Use ritual oils to anoint your body, altars, and ritual tools. Ritual oils can also be used in baths,  aromatherapy diffusers and as a personal fragrance. For external use only.
.5oz or 1oz
Oils contain fractionated coconut oil and fragrance.
Handmade in Detroit, MI US

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