defered_gnosisFrom Deferred Gnosis:*

“The primary purpose of the Deferred Gnosis podcast is to bring together contrasting perspectives sourced directly from the fringe to deconstruct the preconceptions of our culture through the use of critical thought and passionate discourse. By relentlessly investigating the whys and wherefores most are unwilling to explore, we will grasp those fleeting eternal truths necessary to liberate us from the shackles of sedentary Belief.”


“The time has come for Satanism to rise up in challenge to superstitions, that which hinders the progress of science, and attempts to prevent everyone from enjoying the same freedoms.

The time is now. Rise up and let your voice be heard. Idiots rule has been the way for far too long.

That soon will change”






*“The views and opinions expressed on these programs are those of the producers and/or the persons appearing on the programs and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of
The Satanic Temple”