TST Logo Pendant hand carved in Bronze by Pretty Hate Machining Very Limited Supply

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TST hand tooled logo pendant made in extremely limited batches.

Hand-carved by Matthew Lauchner via Pretty Hate Machining.

Carved from solid brass with a variety of rotary tools. Each one is hand-made and is one of a kind as a result. Hand-crimped brass ring allows for easy integration into any sort of jewelry desired. Please note these are relatively heavy due to their thickness, weighing in at nearly 2 ounces

Each one is individually carved so expect variances from the image. 

Size approximately 1.5" x 1.75" (not including brass loop)

These do not come with a chain, only the pendant.

If you would like to have this piece made in 14k gold please contact sales@thesatanictemple.

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*If you have any concerns or questions please email sales@thesatanictemple.com

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