Introducing TST Health's "Name The Abortion Clinic" Fundraiser

Introducing TST Health's "Name The Abortion Clinic" Fundraiser

We stand at the precipice of a historic moment for The Satanic Temple – the upcoming launch of the world's second Satanic Abortion Clinic, a testament to our unwavering commitment to reproductive rights and religious freedom.

Following the pioneering path of The Samuel Alito's Mom's Satanic Abortion Clinic in New Mexico, we're excited to expand our network. However, to bring this vision to life, we face a formidable challenge: funding the operation of a telehealth abortion clinic that offers unparalleled free, round-the-clock healthcare.

Here's how you can make history with us.

"Name the Abortion Clinic" Fundraiser

Contribute to a cause that matters. Every donation, big or small, propels us forward.

Donate any amount toward one of the listed clinic name options. The power to choose the winner will be in your hands as votes for the winning clinic name will be cast through donations!

Submit Your Name Proposal

With a donation of $666, you will support our cause and can etch your mark on the annals of reproductive rights history by proposing a clinic name. Our team, alongside legal advisors, will review each submission, ensuring it aligns with our values and mission.

The Final Countdown

Mark your calendars for April 30, 2024! That's when we'll reveal the winning clinic name and location.


While we're keeping the clinic's location confidential for now, rest assured it will embody our legacy of offering free, accessible reproductive healthcare.

Your Support is Crucial.

Every contribution brings us closer to realizing this historic milestone. Together, we can ensure that our members have the vital healthcare services they need precisely when needed.

Donate today!

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