The Satanic Temple Member Services

Good Works and Support

The Satanic Good Works (SGW) facilitates charitable activities and provides community support.

Menstruatin’ With Satan (MWS)

A charitable drive in the collection of sanitary supplies to be distributed at women’s shelters.

Clothing / Socks Drives

Collections of articles of clothing/socks, distributed at local homeless shelters or directly in person.

Veterans Assistance | Satan’s Got Your 6(66)

Toiletries/Household supply drive for Veterans, often in conjunction with a local Department of Veterans Affairs.

Animal Shelter Support

Collecting Pet food and Supply Donations for local animal shelters.


City / Highway Cleanup | Trash Removal Services. Distribution of monetary donations for TST members and congregations who have experienced financial hardship.

Devil’s Advocate
Scholarship Award

A scholarship program is available to students who exemplify ideals embraced by The Satanic Temple.
The Devil’s Advocate Scholarship awards students who champion individualism, free thought, empathy, and other aspects of TST’s ethos to better society.

*Award subject to eligibility. For more information visit The Devil’s Advocate Scholarship page.

Substance Abuse Support

Sober Faction (SF) provides weekly peer support meetings for recovery from addictions, as well as other therapeutic and educational outreach services for TST members.

Campus Outreach

Working towards spreading knowledge about issues of substance abuse and sexual assault as well as provide Sober Faction meetings on college campuses that also host AA meetings.

Health & Wellness

Peer support meetings for needs outside of substance use such as friends and family meetings,
mental health, grief support, and process addictions.

Educational Panels

Panels led by licensed professionals to help educate and enlighten on topics such as Substance Use Disorder (SUD), Anxiety, Depression, and overall Holistic Health & Wellness from a scientific perspective.

Facilitator Training

Training program for those who would like to become facilitators, to be knowledgeable so that they are able to host online and in-person group Sober Faction meetings with confidence.

For more information contact: soberfaction@thesatanictemple.com

Defense of Religious Rights
for Students

The Satanic Temple offers services in the defense of students’ rights through the
Satanic Representation Campaign (SRC) and the Protect Children Project (PCP).
These include legal responses to:

  • Freedom from religious discrimination at school

  • Religious holiday observance

  • Unrestricted bathroom access

  • Access to TST Website in school

  • The right to wear religious clothing and jewelry of one’s choice

  • Freedom of prayer at school in the manner of one’s choosing

  • The right not to be subjected to solitary confinement

  • The right not to be subjected to corporal punishment and restraints

*For more information contact pcp@thesatanictemple.com or src@thesatanictemple.com

Defense of Reproductive

The Satanic Temple provides its members with religious exemptions from regulations that interfere
with bodily autonomy.


Forced fetal burial, coercive interpretations of medical examinations, and scientifically unnecessary medical procedures. Coercive Interpretations of Medical Examinations. Scientifically Unnecessary Medical Procedures


Support for access to abortion services for members in states with severe restrictions, alternative mandatory counseling literature, and database of informed consent.

*TST provides access to abortions to members in states with severely restrictive regulations.
For more information contact:

Mental Health Advocacy

Grey Faction (GF) is a campaign dedicated to ending the ongoing Satanic Panic in the mental health field. In addition, they provide educational resources on harmful forms of therapy and warning signs of a bad therapist. Grey Faction offers private watch-party group meetings to spread awareness about mental health in the wake of satanic panic hysteria.

For more information contact: greyfaction@thesatanictemple.org

Religious Activities
Weekly Temple Services (Online)

*Temple services are free to attend and open to all regardless of membership.

  • Tuesdays:
  • Saturdays:

For more information on our Online Services: services.satanicministry.com
*In-person services are Congregation specific, for more information:

Public Ceremonies

The Satanic Ministry is available to lead ritual ceremonies. These include, but are not limited to: Weddings, Funerary Rights, Un-Baptisms, etc. Our community of Ministers has access to a network of resources to assist members in need.

Satanic Ministry Training

Members can earn their Satanic Scholarship Certificate by successfully completing the online coursework created by The Satanic Temple Ministry. Registration costs $99, and any member may register online here:
The lessons of this coursework have been selected from the online ordination program. However, ordination registration is not currently open to all members. To find out more about eligibility for ordination, please visit the Satanic Ministry Eligibility page.

Requests for Ministry Services are subject to approval and can be submitted using the form on this page:

Representation in School
After School Satan Club

The After School Satan Club (ASSC) provides children of elementary age with an alternative to the Good News Club’s religious instruction taking place in their schools at no cost to the parent. Our goal is to aid students through these formative years with a clearer focus and understanding of the world through free inquiry and rationalism. Training is available for volunteers as well as peer guidance for parents.

Representation on College Campuses

The Satanic Representation Campaign (SRC) is working to provide a Collegiate Affiliation Program within The Satanic Temple. This program is currently in development and not yet available to all colleges and universities, but students in the United States that are interested in forming their own on-campus group can contact SRCCAP@thesatanictemple.org to express interest and learn more.

For more information contact: assc@thesatanictemple.com

Special Interest Groups
Satanic Service Members

The Uniformed Coalition (UC) enables community networking and advocacy for those in TST who choose to serve. Representation includes Active Duty and veteran military service members, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and front-line/first responders among others who wish to promote justice through compassion.

Satanists of Color Coalition

Private group, for Satanists of color who are members of The Satanic Temple.

For more information contact: socc@thesatanictemple.com

Temple Satanists Living with Pain

Satanists within The Satanic Temple who suffer from chronic physical pain.

For more information follow our facebook group


An online space for TST members who are transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, intersex, and/or folx with no gender to explore themselves and build community as Satanists.

This group is reorganizing. We will post updated contact information soon.

Amigos Latines del Templo Satánico

Latin friends of The Satanic Temple.

For more information follow our facebook group