The Satanic Temple stands on the brink of a significant milestone, poised to open

the world's second

Satanic Abortion Clinic!

This initiative marks a continuation of our groundbreaking journey to protect our members’ religious reproductive rights, initiated by the launch of TST Health’s Samuel Alito's Mom's Satanic Abortion Clinic in New Mexico. As we gear up to welcome patients to our second clinic, we face a formidable challenge that requires your support: funding.

Operating a telehealth abortion clinic that offers free 24/7/365 access to exceptional abortion healthcare, staffed by dedicated healthcare practitioners, is a costly endeavor. On top of that are the insurance premiums needed to operate a Satanic Abortion clinic!

Help Us Make History with

TST Health's
"Name the
Abortion Clinic"

You are invited to play a pivotal role in this historic initiative. Your contribution, regardless of size, is crucial to the success of the second Satanic Abortion Clinic’s inauguration. For those inspired to donate $666 or more, an exciting opportunity awaits – you can propose a name for our new clinic. The winning name will stand as a symbol of groundbreaking abortion healthcare.



Contribute any amount toward one of the listed name options. The power to choose the winner will be in your hands as votes for the winning clinic name will be cast through donations!

Submit a clinic name

A donation of $666 grants the opportunity to submit a name for consideration for our second clinic. This is your chance to leave a mark on the history of reproductive rights and the legacy of The Satanic Temple. Proposed names will be reviewed by TST and its legal advisors.

The Final Decision

The first clinic name to reach $100,000 in donations will be the name of our next Satanic Abortion Clinic.

We will announce the location of our next clinic once the name is chosen.

Name Guidelines: The proposed clinic name should not include profanity, violent references, or copyrighted materials. By submitting a name, participants agree to relinquish any legal claims to the proposed name, and TST reserves the right to modify any submitted name. The final name selection will not entail monetary rewards or physical prizes.


For your favorite clinic name


Your clinic name suggestion

Leader Board

Right To Your Life Satanic Abortion Clinic

Ministry of Lilith Abortion Clinic

All Unplanned Pregnancies Are Caused By Men Abortion Services

Mrs. Jerry Falwell Jr.s' Pool Boy's Satanic Abortion Clinic

Aborty McAbortface's Abortion Clinic

My Uterus, My Choice Abortion Clinic

The Texas State Legislature's Satanic Abortion Clinic

Billy Graham's Special Friend's Secret Abortion Clinic

Beelzabort the Preemptive Stork's Abortion Clinic

It Rhymes with Shmashmortion Clinic

Idle Hands Satanic Abortion Clinic

The I Don't Want to Give Birth to Another Twit Like Samuel Alito Abortion Clinic

The Wolf Memorial Abortion Clinic

God's Nursery Abortion Services

Alabama Mama's Safe Satanic Abortion Clinic

The Donald’s Family Abortion Clinic

Comstock Satanic Abortion Clinic

Ejaculate Misconception Family Unplanning

Inanna-Ishtar Health Center

Eclipse Reproductive Advocacy Center

Satan’s Sapphic Soul Sanctuary for Serendipitous Saints in Selection

Private Citizen Donald J. Trump's Mushroom Abortion Clinic

Lilith's Place

Your Choice Clinic

Hell help women not create another Cheeto Mussolini

Make Abortions Guaranteed Again

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Woman Abortion Clinic

Ronald Regan Abortion Emporium

While we're keeping the state where our second clinic will be located confidential for now, rest assured, it will continue our legacy of offering free reproductive healthcare, following in the footsteps of The Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic.

Your support is instrumental in achieving the historic milestone of opening the world's second Satanic Abortion Clinic. With every donation, we move closer to ensuring that TST members have access to the reproductive healthcare they need when they need it.

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