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The Satanic Temple’s Guidelines for Effective Protest


1. Protest is an act of free speech, and protesters must respect free speech


2. Have a clearly articulated position with tenable demands and a practical well-defined statement for what constitutes achieving your goals


3. Effective protest is founded on a legitimate theory of change that is exemplified by the structure of IF I do X, THEN Y will happen BECAUSE Z.


4. Protest must be based on a principle as opposed to identity politics. Everyone benefits from the pursuit of well-conceived principles


5. Stay focused on specific issues and do not adopt issues that you think are analogously related


6. Stand for issues and principles – do not reflexively support the entire agenda of parties, organizations, or individuals


7. Do not allow narratives to prevail over facts


8. Restrict your movement to people who believe in the principles of your movement


9. If your protest calls for the deprivation of rights and liberties of others, intimidates others,
harasses or threatens others, silences others, then you are an enemy of freedom no matter what the justification


10. Engaging in, promoting, inciting, and/or celebrating physical violence that deliberately targets civilians is never justifiable


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The Satanic Temple is fighting child abuse in America’s public schools. Tens of thousands of children are placed in solitary confinement or subjected to physical restraints as punishment, and countless others are deprived bathroom access. Corporal punishment is legal in 19 states and over 110,000 children are legally hit in school each year with many of those beaten so badly that they require hospitalization.

TST’s Protect Children Project utilizes the First Amendment to protect public school students who share our sincerely held beliefs of bodily inviolability from these abuses. When a student registers, we notify their school board that harming that student would violate their civil rights.

We are putting the worst school districts on notice by posting billboards near their schools announcing that students no longer have to be subjected to their sadistic practices. The billboards also broadcast to the rest of the world how sickeningly shameful these schools are.

Springtown, Texas was chosen as the site for our first billboard not only because they routinely hit students, but because the district took no punitive action against a male vice principal after he beat two female students despite the school having a policy that prohibits male administrators from hitting female students. Rather than arrest or, at the very least, fire the vice principal, Superintendent Mike Kelley successfully lobbied the school board to change the rules retroactively to allow male faculty to spank teenage girls.


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