Airbnb didn’t help us, either.

Airbnb didn’t help us, either.

The Satanic Temple tried and failed to obtain the charitable help Airbnb claims to provide for Ukrainian refugees. Despite a media blitz that raised over $25 million from “celebrity fundraisers” and included an appearance by the CEO of Airbnb on The Ellen Show, media outlets from MarketWatch to are reporting the harrowing experiences of people who try to get the advertised assistance for Ukrainian refugees. 

These reports match The Satanic Temple’s experiences with the organization. 

When contacting Airbnb’s customer service to arrange help for our members in Ukraine, we first received generic uninformative replies. We were later told to reach out to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for help. After several weeks, we still have not received a response. Despite these difficulties with Airbnb, we have been providing assistance to our members in Ukraine. Read our full Press Release.

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