TST v. Idaho Advances to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

TST v. Idaho Advances to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

In a recent court ruling that challenges religious and reproductive rights, The Satanic Temple's (TST) lawsuit against the state of Idaho was dismissed with prejudice by a U.S. District Court. This decision sets a dangerous precedent, undermining our members' rights and eroding constitutional liberties.

The Satanic Temple firmly upholds the constitutional right of our members to determine when and if they conceive, free from government interference. The Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed this principle, and it remained unaffected by the Dobb’s decision. In contrast, Idaho argues that sexual engagement forfeits this right and implies consent to unwanted pregnancy, even when contraceptive measures are in place.

Our lawsuit contested this overreach, asserting that the state's punitive measures against accidental pregnancies, often resulting from contraceptive failures, amount to state appropriation of wombs. Unwanted pregnancy thereby forces our members into involuntary state service, violating the Fifth and Thirteenth Amendments and contradicts Idaho's statutes on religious freedom. The court's dismissal effectively endorses the state's position, suggesting that Idahoans' sexual autonomy hinges on a mandated acceptance of unwanted pregnancy and childbirth.

From the start, we knew this battle wouldn't be easy, and these challenges strengthen our determination. We are preparing to bring our lawsuit to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals as we persist in the fight for our members’ rights – a fight we intend to win.

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