The Little Book of Satanism: A guide to Satanic History, Culture & Wisdom by La Carmina

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As featured in Forbes | Publisher's Weekly | Dazed | CBC | Fodor's -- "The Little Book of Satanism" by La Carmina is the first accessible guide to Satanic practices, history, and ideas from a major publisher (Simon & Schuster), featuring a foreword by Lucien Greaves of The Satanic Temple. 

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"A thoughtful, concise examination of the history of the devil [that] cuts through the Satanic Panic myths that are still prevalent today." - Forbes Magazine

"The brisk, thoughtful intro to Satanism you've been waiting for. La Carmina's "Little Book of Satanism" is the clear and approachable Satanic overview you didn't know you needed." - OnlySky

"With the open-minded curiosity of any good traveler, La Carmina explores the history, culture, and practices of greatly misunderstood modern-day Satanists [...] the little volume packs a mighty punch, examining Satan's mighty and often affirmative influence throughout the ages and across the world." - Fodor's

Discover the fascinating history and culture of Satanism through the ages and learn why many Satanists today stand up for free inquiry and personal liberty.  

Satanism is too often misunderstood as a religion that makes blood sacrifices to an evil, horned Prince of Darkness. In reality, modern Satanists are nonviolent and nontheistic, and consider the Devil to be a meaningful metaphor for the pursuit of knowledge, reason, and justice.

"The Little Book of Satanism" details the "mark of the beast" in cultural and historic movements over the centuries, which have informed the sincerely held beliefs and practices of Satanists today. Written by award-winning alternative culture journalist and blogger La Carmina, this comprehensive guide includes:

  • A foreword from Lucien Greaves, activist, spokesperson, and cofounder of The Satanic Temple
  • Information on Satan's biblical origins, and his various names, appearances, and symbols
  • Details on his age-old role as a scapegoat, from medieval witch trials to the 1980s Satanic Panic
  • An overview of modern philosophy and practices, focusing on The Church of Satan, The Satanic Bible, and The Satanic Temple
  • Examples of the Devil's influence on art, literature, music, and films—from Paradise Lost to Rosemary's Baby

La Carmina's accessible book explains how Satanism developed in the context of social history while debunking lurid conspiracy theories about serial killers and ritual abuse. It includes a primer on various Satanic practices such as social activism, rituals, and holidays. In the spirit of the fallen angel Lucifer, be inspired by Satanism's affirmative values that courageously oppose arbitrary authority and champion nonconformity.

About the Author: La Carmina is an award-winning alternative / Goth culture journalist and blogger (, travel TV host, and author of 4 books published by Simon and Schuster and Penguin Random House. La Carmina's books, including "The Little Book of Satanism," have been reviewed and featured in Forbes, CBC, The New Yorker, LA Times, Washington Post, BBC and other major media. La Carmina's TV hosting credits include shows on Travel Channel, Food Network, Discovery, and NBC. She is a graduate of Yale Law School and Columbia University in NYC. Find her at and @LaCarmina on social media.



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