The Satanic Temple’s Collegiate Affiliate Program (CAP) campaign aims to provide post-secondary students with the opportunity to advocate for Satanic representation on their college, university, or trade school campuses without proselytization.CAP groups will be paired with a Minister of Satan mentor who will collaborate with the student groups to establish their mission and determine the focus of their projects. Activities will be designed based on institutional guidelines and tailored to align with the specific interests and objectives of each group. CAP is only available to students in the United States at this time.

Post-secondary students have voiced their frustrations regarding the disproportionate representation of majority religions, like Christianity, on campus and have raised concerns about the religious-based discrimination that can result from this imbalance. CAP aims to create a pathway for TST members and allies to have equal representation on campus.

      This is unique to each institution and will be developed throughout the creation of your bylaws and student organization paperwork. Once you have filled out a contact form and we confirm that we have everything we need to get you started, we’ll provide you with a handbook to help you with the first steps of launching CAP on your campus. Each CAP group is required to have a Faculty or staff member, depending on the institution’s policy, to act as an on-campus representative for each CAP group. 

      In addition to fulfilling the requirements set by your institution, student groups will also need to meet CAP requirements. These include activities such as organizing events, electing group leadership, submitting reports to the CAP Campaign Director,  and maintaining communication with their Minister Mentor. At least one member of each CAP leadership team must complete the Satanic Ministry's Satanic Scholar program. If the cost of this program poses an obstacle, financial assistance may be available.

      Are you a post-secondary student on a campus with active student groups?
      Fill out CAP's Interest Form to learn how you can start a TST affiliate group!


      Who can participate in CAP? 

      CAP is open to students at all educational levels beyond high school, including college, university, technical school, and graduate school. If you attend a higher education institution with student groups on campus, it is likely that your school qualifies for participation. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

      Is starting a group a lot of work? Do you provide assistance?

      The CAP team is here to support you in creating and completing the necessary paperwork for establishing your student organization. We provide templates to create By-Laws and other required documents typically requested by institutions. While you won't be alone in this process, you should be capable of working independently and directly with your institution as a student.

      Do we need existing religious groups on campus to participate? 

      Yes. Currently, we require the presence of other religious groups on campus. As this program is new and resources are limited, we may reconsider this requirement in the future.

      What are the requirements to start a group?

      The first step to starting a group is to fill out our form! Additionally, please send us a copy of your institution's guidelines for student groups to

      I submitted an inquiry but haven't received a response. What should I do? 

      We aim to respond to all messages within a few weeks. If you haven't done so already, please ensure that you have also filled out the interest form.

      Can faculty members start a group? 

      While CAP primarily focuses on students, we welcome the involvement of faculty and staff as well. Please reach out to us via email, and we can discuss the details further.

      Does filling out the form guarantee that I can start a group on my campus? 

      No, filling out the form does not guarantee immediate approval to start a group. We need to review all the information provided and ensure that we have enough Ministers and program staff available to support the rollout at your school. If we don't have sufficient resources at the time of your application, we will stay in touch until we do.

      What will a CAP group do?

      That’s up to you! Some CAP groups may be interested in our religious practice of rituals and masses, others may want to jump into advocacy work and focus on supporting one of TST’s campaigns. Some CAP groups might focus on community service or helping other students on campus. CAP groups will work with their Minister Mentor to develop their program and plan their projects and activities.