There are many ways members and allies can assist The Satanic Temple.
Seek Knowledge & Pursue Noble Works
“Every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in action and thought. The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word.”
- Seventh Tenet
The Seven Fundamental Tenets of The Satanic Temple,
while inspired by 18th Century enlightenment values, were designed for current times, to assist the modern Satanist in noble undertakings. Knowledge is a cornerstone of our Satanic philosophy, and it is incumbent on members to expand their horizons. One can find a suggested list of reading materials related to TST philosophy
here in our website library.
We encourage effective and artful protest. Many members are actively involved in noble causes. Unfortunately, a great many modern protest movements are narcissistic constructs that have precious little hope for generating meaningful, constructive changes. The Satanic Temple has generated a list of the qualities that constitute effective protest and what components can be ineffective- or even destructive,
available here.
Participate in TST Community
There are many opportunities to be active within The Satanic Temple, locally and online.
If there is a Chapter near you, you may wish to engage with them and become a part of that community. Endorsed Chapters participate in campaigns, social events, and other activities relevant to their local regions, as well as in concert with national TST campaigns. A listing of our current chapters, and means to contact them, are listed here, on the
Find Chapter section of our website.
If there isn’t a chapter near you, you may wish to seek out a community on the internet. We gather online and keep close ties with one another through social media and other digital means. Many of the local chapters host their presence online, which can also be found within the Find Chapter section of our website.
The Satanic Temple app will be released soon for iOS & Android, which is being designed with a focus on keeping our membership better connected. Subscribe to The Satanic Temple newsletter for further news regarding the app release date and other monthly updates that could include potential calls to action, and opportunities to be involved.
The struggle for pluralism often has associated expenses. Organization and legal costs require grassroots support from sympathetic members and allies who support our causes. While it is by no means a requirement of membership, contributing is another way you can support TST and its numerous campaigns. You can learn more about the various ways to donate or contribute financially to TST here.