Satanic Representation Campaign


The Satanic Representation Campaign is dedicated to promoting pluralism and fighting for the religious liberty of TST members who seek to freely and openly express their beliefs. We provide resources and strategic counseling to TST members who seek to have our religion represented alongside other religious voices by taking part in limited public forums such as invocations and displays on public property.

Areas of Expertise

In many jurisdictions across the country, city councils open their meetings with a public prayer known as an invocation. Since the city is opening a limited public forum and providing a platform for religious representation, Satanists may request that the city council permits them the opportunity to deliver an invocation. If the city council denies Satanic Temple members their request due to their beliefs and practices, this constitutes religious discrimination.

Displays on Public Property

Religious statues, displays, or monuments placed on publicly-funded properties typically cannot be exclusive. Often governments open limited public forums around December when they permit holiday displays that are later removed. Permanent religious displays, such as Ten Commandments Statues, also exist. In many situations, the presence of these structures on public property permits the inclusion of religious displays from other religious organizations, including TST.

School-Related Religious Representation

If a public school permits the distribution of religious materials to the student body, they have opened a limited public forum and are obligated to allow religious materials from other faiths. This principle applies to other forms of school-sponsored religious expression as well.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. What is a limited public forum?
  • A limited public forum is created when the government opens public property for specific types of speech. In these limited public forums, the government is prohibited from discriminating against speakers based on the views they express; doing so is known as “viewpoint discrimination” and is unconstitutional.

  • 2. How will the Satanic Representation Campaign help me give an invocation, request a holiday display, etc.?
  • When members of The Satanic Temple attempt to participate in expressions of their beliefs in limited public forums, they are often met with procedural roadblocks intended to obscure obvious acts of discrimination. The Satanic Representation Campaign can provide assistance to overcome these obstacles and support your right to equal religious expression.

  • 3. Who can request your services?
  • The Satanic Representation Campaign is available to assist all members of The Satanic Temple.

  • 4. Did you know about this existing religious monument, invocation practice, etc.?
  • The Satanic Representation Campaign is aware that there are many limited public forums that are currently being used to privilege one religion over others. If you are a member of The Satanic Temple and you are interested in participating in an existing forum, contact the Satanic Representation Campaign.

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