The Satanic Temple Sober Faction is a peer support group that offers a Satanic approach to recovery from addiction. Sober Faction meetings assist those who are suffering from addiction in finding sobriety without having to experience the burden of religious dogma and superstition.

Sober Faction

Sober Faction’s unique method is guided by TST’s Seven Tenets and utilizes the Seven Rituals crafted specifically for our recovery program. Ritual process promotes self-empowerment while giving structure to each individual’s recovery journey.

Our group recognizes and respects that there are multiple perspectives and multiple approaches to recovery. We do not consider our meetings a professional form of therapy, and we encourage anyone struggling with addiction to seek help from a medical professional.


The Satanic Temple Sober Faction creates an Allyship Program that consists of peers in recovery working through the Seven Rituals together, offering support, mutual guidance, and friendship without judgment and hierarchy. The Allyship Program differs from common “sponsorship” style “step recovery” mentorships in that there is no teacher/student dichotomy; all are students as well as teachers within Ally partnerships, learning from and guiding each other as needed.

The Seven Rituals

In our suffering, we had a moment of clarity. We realized that we had lost ourselves and recognized addiction as our adversary.


We decided our will and authority over ourselves would be reborn through adopting a new way of life.


We made a commitment to take responsibility for our own actions in the past, present, and future, focusing only on what we could control.


We acknowledged behaviors and patterns of thinking that we found to be unacceptable or unhealthy.


Upon acknowledging these facets of ourselves, we began the practice of continual introspection and mindfulness.


We continuously strive towards self-actualization, seeking knowledge on our path to act & respond ethically & responsibly in all things.


After following this path, we recognized our own self-growth and sought to point the way to those who are suffering.

Heal Thyself, Hail Thyself.

Our Goals and Initiatives

To promote sobriety without superstition.

To raise awareness of issues surrounding addiction.

To educate on the science of addiction and recovery.

To raise awareness of the dangers of recovery steeped in theism, dogma, and superstition.

To offer an alternative program to fulfill court-mandated substance abuse meetings.

To foster a sober community for Satanists and other non-theists with similarly held beliefs.

To provide safe spaces, in-person and virtually, for those individuals seeking recovery from addiction to meet and garner support.

Sober Faction
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