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Protect Your Privates, Cause No One Else Is.

Our 9-pack of SCOTUS condoms feature our Supreme Court Justices that have failed to protect reproductive rights, bodily autonomy, and the freedom of choice. The Satanic Temple actively fights to protect these rights, from fighting court rulings to opening clinics that provide reproductive healthcare services.


Reasons You Need SCOTUS Condoms

  • You want to help fund reproductive healthcare and abortion care
  • You want to gift them to a friend or pro-life family member
  • You collect novelty condoms
  • You want to see how socially aware your partner is
  • They are hilarious
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How Does This Support Reproductive Rights?

Glad you asked…

The Satanic Temple has long been a defender of reproductive rights, and as more and more restrictive legislation passed, we were obligated to respond. TST Health aims to guarantee access to legally exempt religious reproductive care in those US states that have blocked that particular category of healthcare. TST Health has opened a telemedicine clinic in New Mexico this year, offering free services and access to low-cost abortion medication. In addition, we provide guidance throughout our care, and our medical staff is available 24/7 for our patients. TST Ministers are standing by to provide additional moral support for anyone wishing to further participate in our satanic abortion ritual.

The Satanic Temple opened the Samula Alito’s Mom’s Abortion Clinic and TST Health to provide free religious telehealth medication abortion care. Part of the proceeds from the SCOTUS condoms go to funding these clinics and our Religious Reproductive Rights campaign.

The fight for reproductive health care will never finish, but you can! May as well do it in a con-dumb.


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