Grey Faction Is An Educational And Advocacy Organization Whose Mission Is To Protect Mental Health Patients And Their Families From Dangerous Pseudoscience And Discredited Therapies, Particularly In The Area Of So-Called “Repressed Memories.”


Grey Faction consists of a worldwide network of volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds, including mental health professionals, journalists, researchers, and others committed to fighting pseudoscience. Our members include victims of conspiracy therapists– mental health professionals whose bizarre beliefs are transferred to their patient during therapy.


The Satanic Panic of the 80s and 90s was a moral panic that led to witch hunts that targeted supposed Satanists who were allegedly engaging in evil ritual acts. Though thoroughly debunked in subsequent years, allegations of Satanic ritual abuse during this time ruined lives, tore families apart, resulted in the imprisonment of innocent people, and established a legacy that is still being fought in the mental health field. To show this panic’s human cost, Grey Faction is launching “A Rumor of Devils.” This project will document stories of those impacted by the Satanic Panic and the impact it has had on people’s lives.

Grey Faction will be collecting audio and video testimonials of individuals who were falsely accused of Satanic ritual abuse, in addition to people who were targets of conspiracy theories and those who experienced false memories of ritual abuse. Please email us at for submission requirements and details to be a part of this one-of-a-kind project.


Raise awareness of practices aimed at recovering “repressed memories,” and the potential dangers of their use
Draw attention to influential practitioners who champion these techniques and beliefs
Educate the general public on how to be better consumers of mental health care, especially as related to repressed memories
Provide an index of both academic and popular materials related to repressed memory techniques
Oppose governmental support and subsidy for such practices
Alert professional organizations to pseudoscientific advocacy and promotion
Urge appropriate authorities to establish and enforce standards of care and professional ethics to effectively ban the use of such practices
Encourage institutions and organizations that uncritically teach such techniques to discontinue or revise their approach


 A Conspiracy Therapist is a mental health professional who transfers, intentionally or otherwise, their own beliefs in bizarre and unsubstantiated phenomena to their patients via false memories or the reinforcement of patients’ existing delusions. 

The false memories they sometimes instill in their patients can be extreme, bizarre, and literally impossible - making them excellent examples of how dangerous the search for "recovered" memories can be to patients.

After all, if these techniques can convince someone they've been abducted by extraterrestrials, how much easier would it be to induce false memories of much more ordinary - although no less devastating - phenomena?


Here are some direct quotes from mental health “professionals” currently in practice:


Support legislation and policies promoting robust informed consent laws and requirements for the use of only scientifically-sound treatment methods in mental health care.

If you are seeking mental health treatment, especially for trauma or depression, please become an educated consumer. There are many high quality materials aimed at a general audience; we've compiled a list of some of the best. Thoroughly investigate any practitioner from whom you plan to seek treatment. Ask about the potential risks and rewards of any therapeutic method. Be wary of any mental health professional who tries to push a forgotten history of trauma onto you. Never be afraid to walk away and find another practitioner. Report bad experiences to the appropriate authorities.