Fearing The Satanic Temple, Utah Legislators Vote Down Bill that Would Allow Chaplains in School

Fearing The Satanic Temple, Utah Legislators Vote Down Bill that Would Allow Chaplains in School

In a striking turn of events, Utah's proposal to introduce religious chaplains into public schools, known as HB514, was defeated. The bill, aiming to offer voluntary chaplaincy services in public schools, encountered an unexpected hurdle that led to its downfall: the active participation and spotlight on The Satanic Temple (TST).

As the bill progressed through legislative discussions, The Satanic Temple became a significant point of contention. TST’s Rachel Chambliss addressed Utah's House Education Committee, opposing the bill on the grounds that it violated the principle of separation of church and state, while also highlighting our intentions to participate in the proposed public school chaplains program. Chambliss's intervention illuminated the broader implications of religious plurality and representation within public schools.

The participation of our Ministers of Satan in the chaplaincy program became a focal point in legislative discussions, persisting throughout every House and Senate hearing on the bill and triggering significant concerns among lawmakers. The crux of the issue became the legislators' inability to control which religious groups could participate in the program, which might also be interpreted as their inability to keep us out of their program. This concern was pivotal, leading many senators to vote against the bill, citing the specific challenge of controlling religious representation within public schools as their reason for voting against it.

Ultimately, the bill's defeat by a 12-16 vote in the Senate was a testament to the impact of our advocacy for equal Satanic representation in the public square and the principle of separation between church and state.

With the Utah bill defeated, our efforts are far from over. Similar chaplain bills have been proposed across the nation, including in Florida, Indiana, and Georgia, and we will continue our fight to ensure that any attempt to introduce religious chaplains into public schools offers equal opportunities to our Satanic Clergy.


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