2022 Conference Schedule

The conference is SOLD OUT, but shoppers are welcome in the Marketplace!

2:00 PM: Opening Ceremony - Chalice Blythe, Karl Kasarda
3:15 PM: TheSatanicTemple.TV or How to Bootstrap Your Own Satanic TV Network - William Morrison
4:30 PM: The history of Satan Across Cultures - Winter Wiorkowski
5:45 PM: Satanic Jeopardy! - Karl Kasarda
7:00 PM: Offsite entertainment "Impurity Ball" - TST AZ, Szandora LaVey, Pixel Grip -- TICKETS ON SALE SOON

10:00 AM: Keynote Speech - Lucien Greaves
11:45 AM: "Devil's Food" with The Satanic Chef - Adam Dodge Ostrofsky
12:00 PM: Unbowed and Unfettered: The Scottsdale Invocation Case - Stu de Haan, Matthew Kezhaya
2:00 PM: Public Records for Satan: Using FOIA to Fight Satanic Panic, from Grey Faction to Scottsdale - Evan Anderson
2:30 PM: Darwin vs. The Lord of Lies - Aron Ra
3:15 PM: Abortion as a (Religious) Right - Mari Davis
3:45 PM: Satanism and the BIPOC Community - Citlali Soona
4:30 PM: Pluralism, Religious Liberty, and the FIght for Satanic Representation - Viktor LaMent
5:45 PM: 6th Invocation of the New Creative Aeon - Steven Johnson Leyba

10:00 AM: Sobriety Without Superstition - Joe Dee, Jon Eldritch, Helle Bent, Cheyenne Xochitl Love, Larry Revoir
10:30 AM: Raising Children in a Satanic Household - Melissa Morley
11:!5 AM: After School Satan Club - June Everett
12:00 PM: Satanic Book Club: How to Talk about Books You Haven't Read (but Should) - Salem Black
1:15 PM: Closing Ceremony - TST SatanCon Committee