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Please note that this campaign is live as an indefinite funding platform for our legal fund. The perks have been updated, but the mission is the same. The legal process is slow, tedious, and expensive. We feel confident, however, that it will ultimately be worth it, and we will be at the forefront of establishing secure reproductive rights for generations to come. Substantial legal fees have already accrued in advance of our first hearing (toward the end of September), as we assemble our expert witnesses and build an unshakeable legal stance. Please share this campaign with your Social Media, and keep an eye out for forthcoming exciting news.  (The legal team is not pro bono)

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The Satanic Temple is accepting donations to assist our efforts to challenge arbitrary, insulting, and outright harmful regulations imposed on women who seek abortions.

An important precedent is taking shape in Missouri, where our exemptions may soon be tested. “Mary,” a Temple member, will be formally notifying her doctor that her deeply held beliefs would be violated if she is forced to receive inaccurate information as required by the State, and if she is forced to endure a mandated 72 hour waiting period. These requirements unreasonably violate the sovereignty of her and body.

Since 1973’s Roe v. Wade ruling by the Supreme Court which safeguarded the legality of abortion, the conservative religious right has instigated anti-abortion initiatives. Many lawmakers have introduced “weasel bills” transparently designed to make the process of receiving an abortion more difficult, and emotionally and logistically harrowing. Those who define the issue in terms of personal choice typically find their views marginalized as being outside of the realm of religious protection. While religio-conservative views seek to undermine abortion rights, they have also steadily worked to define “religious liberty” to be understood in terms of reserving the right to deny contraceptives and oppose rational family planning practices. We intend to show that religious liberty can also protect and promote these legal practices.

*Please note that The Satanic Temple believes that religious organizations should not be tax exempt and for that reason contributions are not tax deductible

You can follow the updates for this campaign at Indiegogo or the TST RRR update page.

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